MS: The Sax Tax

I’d love to say me and my MS get on well. In fact, I’ve often tried make nice and be friends. But nothing seems to work. MS has a real attitude problem, one that I just can’t look past.

Its main flaw?

Lack of forgiveness.

If I do something that MS doesn’t like, it just will not shut up about it! It’ll look for ways to take it out on me, to try and show me who’s boss. MS adds this little tax anytime I overdo it. This week’s punishment was a weekend spent in bed. Headaches, dizziness, blurred vision. It really kicked up a fuss!

So what did I do that was so terrible??

I went to London for the morning to buy a new saxophone.

In fact, this time I really put in the effort to make my MS feel comfortable. I didn’t book my tickets in advance, in case of any unannounced symptoms, I parked really close to the station, I even managed to bag myself a seat on the train (and when you live in Britain, this is an achievement in itself!).

I was out of the house for 4 hours in total. At least two of these were spent sitting!

A 20 minute walk to the sax shop, and maybe an hour tooting some horns was still too much.

While I was there i was on a real buzz! Music (and shopping) are my most favourite things, so I was in my element. I was so thankful that my MS had permitted me to go out and actually do something I wanted to do this time, rather than keeping me chained up in the house like it has done on so many occasions before.

I thought my MS was OK with my little outing, that it might just let me have this one with no consequences.

Oh, how wrong I was!

I’ve been pretty much bed bound for the weekend. I’ve only ventured beyond my sheets to seek comfort from the tub of, now half eaten, dairy free ice cream that I was saving for emergencies.

So now you may be wondering. If I could go back… if I could travel back in time to Friday morning… would I still go to London, knowing that this would be the fall out?

Well, the answer would be yes.

Not only did I have a fantastic experience in London, but I walked away with a brand new, rather shiny, saxophone.

Sure, I feel pretty awful right now. I might feel awful all week. But sometimes it’s worth paying the tax to keep on doing the things you love.

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