My Favourite Rock/Metal Gym Tracks


It’s time to hit the iron! You jump out of bed and put your headphones in, only to open up your music player and find the same playlist you always listen to staring back at you. We’ve all been there. You’ve heard these songs 100 times already. It’s time for a change.

Well, I’ve got your back!

Below are my favourite rock/metal gym tracks. These are my ‘go to’ tracks when I need a little push.

Add some of these to your playlist and go smash it!

Epic Entrance

Picture the scene. It’s 6am, you’re ready to hit the gym. You get there to see that all the squat racks are free, all the weights re-racked, and not a stringer in sight.

You begin to walk towards the squat rack. Heads spin as you walk past. Everyone knows you’re going to destroy this workout. Now the entire gym is staring at you. Fireworks soar into the sky as you continue to strut towards your destiny.

Everyone around you lets out a cheer!

Ok, so I might have gone a little over the top.

But seriously, pop one of the below on as you’re heading to your workout and  I guarantee that you’ll get a feeling like this!


Get Over it – Lower than Atlantis

Slip to the Void- Alter Bridge

Diamond Eyes (Boom Lay)- Shinedown

Courtesy Call- Thousand Foot Krutch

Like a Nightmare – Never Say Die


Mid-sesh motivators

You’re half way through your workout. Muscles filled with blood, maximum pump, but you’re losing energy. Everything is aching, you’ve killed the first half of your session, but you need something to bring you back to life. And you need it quick!

The only thing that can restore you to your pre-workout glory is a track with super-motivating lyrics.

Crank one of the below, and you’ll be ready for round 2 in seconds!

My Champion- Alter Bridge

RISE-I Prevail

Get Pumped!

So what to put in the gaps?

You need something a little aggressive, something to help you keep up the pace, keep those muscles pumped.

I’ve got the answer!

Absolute Zero- Stone Sour

Comatose- Skillet

Feed the Machine- Nickleback


So there we have it. My favourite tracks! You already know how important music is to me (if you don’t, click here), so trust me on this. I won’t let you down!


If you want more ideas for playlists, link follow me on Spotify – alix_safford . Gain instant access to all of my gym playlists to help give you that motivation boost!


What do you reckon? Let me know in the comments. Let me know what your favourite tracks are, I’m always looking for new gym tunes!

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