Gluten & Dairy Free Pastry

When I was first presented with the challenge of catering for a gluten & dairy free diet, I searched through the shelves at  the shops in pursuit of the perfect allergen free readymade pastry, so that I could continue to experiment with ways of adapting favourite recipes, as well as trying new ones.

To my dismay, I found that there was very little choice and I wasn’t happy with the results (not to mention the strain on my purse!)

Refusing to quit, I took to Google, and found a variety of recipes that were not only more cost effective, but far tastier than the bought stuff.  The day finally came where I had to make some emergency gluten & dairy free cakes for all of my son’s colleagues, and the only fats I had to hand were coconut oil and sunflower spread. With it being wet and miserable outside (good old Britain), I really didn’t fancy a trip to the shops, so I grabbed my mixing bowl, and got creating!

The result was satisfyingly tasty (as confirmed by everyone’s in my son’s office!), and made the perfect base for a coconut and jam tart (check out the recipe here) 


Makes 750g of pastry – this will cover two baking trays about 20x30cm

400g gluten free flour
100 g coconut oil (in solid form)
100g dairy free spread  – check that it says suitable for baking on the one you choose
2 large eggs
About 4 tbsp cold water

Tips –

  1. Keep everything as cold as possible – this is always important for pastry, but gluten & dairy-free versions are a bit delicate, so the colder the better!
  2. Try rolling out the pastry on baking parchment and then lifting the whole thing into the tin – this is much easier than trying to transfer the rolled out pastry without any support!
  3. You might also like to use baking parchment on top of the pastry when you roll it, although I found that a good sprinkle of flour did the trick .


  1. Put the flour, spread and solid oil in a bowl and either rub in with your fingers or cut in with a table knife or one of those pastry blenders to get a fine breadcrumb consistency
  2. Mix in the beaten eggs and just enough water to bring it together
  3. It is a good idea at this point to pop it into a plastic bag or wrap it in cling film and give it half an hour in the fridge
  4. Remove from the fridge and get rolling!


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