The Importance of Meal Prep

Sunday. A traditional day of rest. You’ve worked hard all week, you deserve a day to relax, recharge before you return to work on Monday (or a lie in at the very least!)

But while the rest of the world sleeps, I head straight into the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats.

By the time the afternoon rolls around, I’ll have 10 pre-packed, healthy, ‘ready meals’ just waiting to be sent for a spin in the microwave.

Ok, yes… technically it’s just two dishes split into ten containers. I know a lot of people that would get bored with eating the same food every day. I guess for me it’s just become habit. Plus, when the meals taste this good you wouldn’t mind eating them over and over again!

So, I can see how it can come across as a bit obsessive (and it probably is), but there’s a good reason for all this hard work.

It helps keep me on track.

It’s to avoid those days. The ones where you get home from a long day at work, and just don’t feel like cooking. Stomach rumbling, you head straight to the kitchen and take a peek in the fridge.


There’s no way you’re leaving the house again for a trip to the supermarket.

So what do you?

You phone for a takeaway. You grab the pack of Oreos and share bag of crisps out of the cupboard and decide they’ll do.

I’m definitely guilty of this.

But with meal prep I already have my dinner waiting for me. I know it’s healthy, I know it’s on plan, and I know that I can have it piping hot in 3 minutes. No cooking needed. Didn’t even have to lift a finger to call for a takeaway.

And it’s become even more important with MS.

I’ll be honest. There are some days where I’ll just get home from work and head straight to the safety of my bed. I don’t have the energy to sit on the sofa, let alone cook a meal. Yup, I’ll zap my micro meal, put on a lengthy Netflix series, and eat my dinner in bed. No need to spend any of my somewhat limited energy on cooking!

And knowing that I’m still eating on plan does make me feel a little bit better!

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