MS: The Soundtrack of my Life

No matter how I’m feeling or what activities I have planned, the few minutes following my
awakening each morning are exactly the same.

Headphones in. World out.

I’ve always been a lover of music. Music has the power to bring about emotions, create motivation.
The power to blur out reality and transport you to your own little world.

These are all incredibly beneficial on those low days, the ones where you really don’t want to
leave the comfort of your bed (let alone hit the gym!). I always keep my wireless headphones right
next to my bed, and, before I go to sleep, make sure my favourite tune is ready to go as soon as I
wake up.

I’ve decided that I have a sort of ‘sound track’ to my life (not sure if that’s really sad or not), but
sometimes I need to psych myself up to do the smallest tasks. It’s that feeling when you’re at the
gym, mid-session. You’re completely exhausted, everything aches, but then that track hits. As soon
as it comes on you feel brand new. Like you could do anything.

Some days I need that just to feel like I can leave the house.

I always find that music gives me a welcome break from the physical symptoms of MS. It shifts my
focus to my mental state (which feels epic), and away from my physical state (which feels less than

Obviously this moves nicely over to my gym sessions. Yes, I am that guy with massive
headphones on, music pumping so loudly it spills out from my ears. Don’t get me wrong, I love
training with a partner. But on the rough days, if I have headphones over my ears, I’m not a good
target for a chat.

If you’re lacking inspiration to find a gym playlist, then check out my article on my favourite tracks
for the gym here!

It’s not just the heavy stuff that is beneficial. I love getting home from work, putting on some jazz,
and just chilling out. Spend a few minutes focusing on the music, really listening to it, not a
thought in my mind. Clear my brain of the stress and worry that accompanies normal life.

I suppose in a way it’s a sort of meditation.

And there we go. For me, music has always helped me out more than any medication.

It’s the most powerful drug I’ve ever taken.

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