MS is like a Box of Chocolates: The Symptoms

Imagine you had an entire box of Quality Street. Each morning, before you get out of bed, you randomly pick a chocolate out the box. There’s a huge selection, and you never know which sweet you’ll get.

This is what MS symptoms are like.

What flavour of MS am I going to experience this morning. Am I going to get a delicious Orange Crunch, or have to force down a Toffee Penny (eww.). Which parts of me are going to work, and which parts are going to throw a tantrum.

The first thing to check when I wake up: Can I feel my toes?

This is usually a good indicator of whether the rest of my body is going to play nice. Often I’ll wake up and my toes will feel like they’ve been swimming in an ice bath all night. A bit unsettling, but nothing to worry about. Who needs toes, right?

Then I wonder, how’s my vision today?

I am constantly told by opticians that my vision is technically 20/20. Some days it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Blurred vision is a fairly common occurrence for me. Most days it’s mild, but sometimes I’m left unable to read anything. Text just looks like a load of black smudges.

Step 3. Sitting up.

If I’m not met with a spinning room, or a foggy light-headedness, then I consider myself good to go! If I can walk in a straight line without holding on to something, that’s a bonus!

So far, I’ve been lucky enough to experience only a few of the symptoms that MS has to offer. There are almost too many to name. The brain is the boss of the body and it doesn’t enjoy being messed with. Vision problems, muscle weakness, bladder issues, anything the brain controls (which is pretty much everything) is a possibility.

The good news (in my case at least) is that these are rarely permanent. Sometimes I’ll be visited by a symptom and it’ll only stick around for an hour or two. Other times, we could be hanging out for months. There are a few though that I’ve had since the beginning.

I just can’t seem to shake them off….

This can make life somewhat unpredictable. But at least I can say that no two days are ever the same!

So what about drugs??

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