The Plan

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 155lbs
Bodyfat: Around 12%

Ok, so I’m not some sort of ripped muscle monster.

Would I like to be a little leaner? Maybe a little more muscular?

Sure I would.

One the things I’ve had to learn since having MS is the importance of setting realistic expectations.

Ok, sounds like an excuse, but sometimes I’m simply physically unable to spend hours slaving away on a treadmill. At the start of 2017, I tried desperately to push single digit body fat. Hours spent at the gym each day, eating at a serious calorie deficit with no breaks. All this while working a full time job, balancing doctors’ appointments, and dealing with MS symptoms.

It burnt me out.

That’s not to say I don’t give it my all. I’m still at the gym six times a week, I still give each session 100% effort, and I’m still eating a balanced and controlled diet.

I’ve realised that I don’t need to be the biggest or most shredded guy on the planet. Sure, I’ve scaled back my goals a little, but I’ll keep working towards them no matter how small they are.

It might be a little harder. It might take a little longer. But I’ll get there in the end.

As long as I’m getting a little better each day then I’m happy.

So what’s my goal now?

Well summer’s almost gone, and winter is just round the corner…

Sounds like it’s time to bulk!

Yep, I want to put on a little more muscle over the next 6 months or so.

What’s the plan?

I’m planning on doing a very ‘lean’ bulk. Aiming to try and gain as little fat as possible, so I’ll set my target at 0.5lb of weight gain a week.

With all things going on plan, by the New Year I should be around 165lbs… (maybe 168 after all that Christmas turkey!). I reckon that’ll put me at about 15%-17% body fat, which is a good healthy range.

On to my routine! I’m doing a classic Push Pull Legs routine (if you don’t know what this is click here!). I’ll be running this twice a week, so 6 days a week in total. I’ll be focusing mainly on heavy compound movements; I’d love to be able to set some new personal records this year! I’ll fill in my sessions with a few hypertrophy accessory movements (can’t leave out bicep curls!)

So I’m bulking, that means I can eat whatever I like for the next 6 months, right?

Not quite. I’ll still be watching my diet.

Yes, I’ll still be counting my calories and macros, even on a bulk. I’ll continue to meal prep and stick mostly to healthy whole foods. Occasionally I’ll treat myself to something ‘off plan’. Enjoy a meal out, maybe tuck into some gluten free cakes!

But truth is I just enjoy eating chicken, rice, and vegetables.

I feel more energetic, my mood is better, and I get fewer MS symptoms.

Sounds like a win win!

So let’s see how the rest of the year goes. See if I can hit my target before Christmas (and nail a few PRs along the way!)

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