Useful links

Useful links

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Want to find out more about MS? Maybe get involved in some fundraising (go on!). 

The MS Trust

The MS Trust is a UK charity that believes no one should have to take on MS alone. Their website is stuffed full of information, research, and MS fundraising! 
To find out more about their work, or to get involved, go to


No matter MS affects you , you'll always find people to share your experiences with on Shift.MS.
Shift.MS is THE social media platform for anyone with MS. Whether you need some advice, or just a positive reassuring voice, Shift.MS is well worth signing up to. 

Join here.

Health and Fitness

Looking for a way to spice up your gym routine? Or perhaps you're in need of some inspiration for healthy dishes?

The ultimate resource when it comes to all things health and fitness. A massive database of exercises, recipes, routines, and interviews. There's also a forum so you can share your experiences and find advice!

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Protein POW

A great place to find healthy (mostly), protein packed recipes. If you need some inspiration, then you have to check it out! 

There's also a section devoted to dairy and gluten free recipes (woo!) 

Check it out here